Project Engineering Company has successfully handled diverse projects related to different industries. The company has been involved in various types of jobs of industrial fabrication, plant fabrication and erection for food , chemical, pharmaceutical, dairy, fertilizer, atomic power projects in India.

Food Processing Equipments

We manufacture and export a comprehensive range of food  processing plant and dairy equipment that include : Belt / roller / screw / vibratory conveyor.
1. Sugar bag handling system
2. Sugar transfer system
3. Feeders
4. Storage tanks and silos
5. Agitators
6. Wine storage tanks

Pharmaceutical Equipments

We are a renowned manufacturer and supplier of quality and durable pharmaceutical . Our durable, reliable and cost effective products are widely accepted in various industries especially in the pharmaceutical industries . Various pharmaceutical equipments manufactured by us are

1. Instant cleanable rotary valves
2. Lump breakers
3. Dosing dischargers
4. Sampling valve
5. Rotary arm scrapper
6. Diverter valve
7. Big bag filling system
8. Valve bag filling system
9. Powder transfer system

Chemical Plant Equipments

We can manufacturer all kinds of chemical plants equipments to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical, food and specially chemicals industries and also for sanitary/hygiene industries. Careful consideration is required when specifying surface finish on the vessel inside, since the cost increases with the quality of the final finish.

Normal stainless steel sheet surface provides 2B finish. We can provide best industrial finish, a general purpose bright finish with grain measuring 40Ra or industrial sanitary finish to 20 Ra. Passivisation after finish is optional.
Our chemical equipments include
1. Pneumatically operated rotary valve
2. Rotary arm scrapper
3. Diverter valve
4. Feeders
5. Lean phase and dense phase Pneumatic conveying system
6. Cage mills
7. Trey dischargers

Distilleries Plant Equipments

Our Heat Exchangers, Fermentation Tanks, Condensers , Reboilers, Distillation columns and all equipments required for distillery project are the products which has been used by most of the top Distilleries and Breweries plants in Indian and in the export market as well.

Pollution Control Equipments

Our pollution controlling equipment are available at prices that are sure to be competitive and provided within stipulated time frame. By offering equipments of international quality to our customers, we have earned an enviable list of clientele to our credit. Along with our existing range of equipment, our customers can also avail customized equipment from us that are manufactured as per their requirements.

1. Dust collectors and Dust collection systems
2. Lean phase and dense phase Pneumatic conveying system
3. Fumes and Dust extraction systems
4. Screw Feeders

Spray Dryers

Our Industrial Spray Dryer is designed and constructed to ensure single step transformation of pump-able liquid feed into a particulate dried product. In controlled conditions the liquid is atomised into fine droplets; a massive volume of surface per unit mass is generated resulting in a significantly reduced path for heat and mass transfer. With the effects of evaporation and drying under monitored conditions, particle formation takes place. The size of the particled product depends upon the type and design of the automiser.
1. Spray dryers, spin flash dryers and associated equipments like chambers, cyclones, bag filters, ducting, vapour separators etc.
2. Atomizers
3. Dust collectors and Dust collection systems
4. Cage mills
5. CIP nozzles
6. Rotary valves

Sugar Plant Equipments

We manufacture and export premium quality and efficient Sugar Bag Handling systems and Transfer systems. It is primarily used in handling sugar bags and transferring it to one place to another. Our machinery requires less maintenance and thus giving an important value addition to the production costs.

Material Handling Equipments

One of the professionally managed organization engaged in offering wide range of material handling equipments at competent prices. Our comprehensive range of products are feeders, vibrositters, buckets and elevators. With our technologically advance infrastructural facilities, we have been consistently catering to the diverse requirements of major market players of the industry.

Blending & Mixing machines

We manufacture and export precision engineered blending & mixing machines, which are designed in ball shape to give 100% mixing of any type of ingredients. Our products are used in pharmaceutical and food industries for blending and mixing of different ingredients.

We are also specialized in manufacturing following set of equipments:

  • Storage tanks and silos.
  • Powder transfer system.
  • Lean phase and dense phase pneumatic conveying system.
  • Blenders and blending system.
  • Distillation columns and all equipments required for distillery project.
  • Wine storage tanks.
  • Belt /Roller/screw /vibratory conveyor.
  • Intermediate bulk carriers for pharma application.
  • Rotary valves.
  • Pneumatically operated rotary valve
  • Lump breakers.
  • Big bag empting devices.
  • Rotary arm scrapper.
  • Sugar bag handling system.
  • Sugar transfer system.
  • Spray dryers, Spin flash dryers and associated equipments like chambers,cyclones.bag filters,ducting,vapour separators etc.
  • Fumes and Dust extraction system.
  • Big bag filling system.
  • In house and site piping work
  • Heat exchangers.
  • Pressure filters.
  • CIP systems.
  • Dust collectors and Dust collection systems.
  • Cage mills.
  • pneumatic conveying systems.
  • rotary dryers
  • equipments for the food industry
  • material handling equipments
  • fermentation tanks
  • uni tanks
  • MS and SS gratings
  • Reactors
  • exhaust chimney and Ductings
  • ID and FD fans
  • structural fabrication work